Boys water polo dives head-on into the post season

The varsity boys water polo team dove eagerly into the pool with a focused, winning mentality against Willow Glen.

“We played Willow Glen recently. It was a close game, partially because of the refereeing and partially because we didn’t play to our potential. But we came into the game confident, and came out of it with a victory,” said Sohil Kshirsagar ’16.

The school backed up their talk. Any doubts of them losing were erased as the Chargers took a 6-0 lead by the end of the first quarter. The game got no easier for the Rams, who managed to score only three goals. On the other hand, the school excelled, featuring key scores by Kevin Asplund ’15 with 7 goals, Jack Bignell ’17 with two goals, and Brian MacInnes ’16 with two goals. The cooperative effort culminated in a 14-3 victory.

After seeing the ease with which the school dismantled Willow Glen, it is easy to take the effort that led them to the playoffs for granted. However, it was more through a combination of a hard work ethic and talent that the Chargers have used to dominate their league. Although they were not as consistent outside of their league, they still prevailed with a season record of 19-7.

“This was a successful season for us. We did far better than we thought we would considering that we lost a bunch of our leading senior players,” said Asplund.

After breezing through the regular season and BVALs, the Chargers now must face the more challenging California Coast Section playoffs (CCS).

“We have to improve our pressure passing and countering off defenses. When playing teams like Willow Glen, we can get away with small mistakes like a bad pass or not knowing who we are guarding, but if we want to win in CCS we have to completely eliminate these errors,” Elijah Fletcher ’15 said.

In order to stay competitive, the Chargers will have to perform at a higher level against numerous other competitive teams in the playoffs. Regardless, the team can use their performance against Willow Glen as not only a building block toward the playoffs, but a sign to their competition that they mean business.

“It was fun to watch this young team grow over the years and develop into what we are now. I like knowing that we are a force to be reckoned with going into CCS,” said Asplund.