Girls’ field hockey shows immense progress

As the final buzzer sounded on Thursday, Nov. 6 at Westmont, signaling the end of not only the game but also the season, the varsity girls’ field hockey team finished as the fourth team out of eight in its competitive league with a final record of 8-6-1. This game was the last one that they played as Chargers, and this thought caused them to walk off the field with a bittersweet feeling.

“Even though we lost, it was much sadder to hug my teammates, especially the seniors, good bye. We had all become so close and not practicing with them every day after school will be very tough to swallow during the following months” Camille Agers ’17 said.

Despite losing their final game, the girls played hard, specifically in their last few games, with wins against Branham, San Jose, University, Willow Glen and Sobrato. The team’s final record paled in comparison to the amount of passion and hard work that they had invested all throughout the entire fall season.

The feeling of sadness shared by everyone on this team was a result of the chemistry that the girls had developed and demonstrated while playing together in the first few weeks. Quickly after their first game, which resulted in a 2-1 win against Christopher, the girls learned the importance of team bonding and unity both on and off the field.

By coming to this essential realization quickly, the girls took off into their season, running faster and harder than any of the other Charger teams in previous years. Rain or shine, they practiced from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day after school and scrimmaged to become accustomed to real-game scenarios. All of their effort was put into becoming a better team, and it showed as they began to compete as they practiced.

Having invested all this time and energy, the girls were successful in their goals, which included defeating Willow Glen after having lost to them the first time.

After legendary alumni Molly Cuevas graduated three years ago, the field hockey program has struggled to regain its standing. In fact, last year, Varsity Field Hockey did not win any of its league games. This year, with returning second-time head coaches Larry Blair and Debbie Blair , the girls have turned around and risen out of the bottom seating despite previously being the underdogs.

This momentum all throughout the season wavered near the end as the girls lost their last game. However, this minor setback did not cloud their vision of their stellar achievements that they have accomplished this year.

“Compared to last year, we’ve definitely improved our chemistry and talent. That’s all that matters because progress is an essential to success,” Kathleen Tran ’15 said.

The girls demonstrated this progress on Senior Night, against Sobrato with a 2-0 victory. This was the final game on home turf for Boerner, Tran, Lindsey Calcany Blair ‘15, Kelsey Linden ‘15, Briana Faris‘15, and Donna Giovanett i ‘15. Calcany Blair, who recently committed to Sonoma State University for softball, shined in the victory with an assist and a goal. Yet as these girls have played their final minutes in a Charger uniform, they leave behind a promising field hockey program for future years, one that is bound to succeed.

Along with this transformation of the Charger field hockey team, the girls hope to make the Central Coast Section (CCS) tournament next year. With 14 possible returning sophomore and junior athletes, the core of the team will remain intact. The girls have already dedicated themselves to continuing to practice and improve so that when next year rolls around, they will be ready to continue to move forward and into the playoffs.

With much to look forward to next year, the Chargers put away their hockey equipment for now. But as they await future challenges, they remember that progress is the key to success, not perfection.