Halftime heroics

After the second quarter of the Homecoming football game on Oct. 24, the student Homecoming royalty lined up on the football field.

The Homecoming court consisted of King and Queen, Seniors Michael Prazak and Katie Fidler , princes and princesses Seniors Skyler Hunter , Kevin Cance , Jenny Lee and Roxanna Agah , Juniors Intae Kim , Chuck Tang , Sonya Huang and Maya Pai , Sophomores Sean Boi , Hunter Christensen , Sun Bang and Edena Khoshaba and Freshmen Josh Kim , Connor Sochocki , Sabrina Ryu and Ashley Yeh .

Emperor and empress, Joe Kerwin , Social Studies Department, and Melissa LaJoice , English Department, arrived in a golf cart decked in flowers.

After their pictures were taken, the seniors performed the final dance from their class skit.

“We didn’t have the CD with the music and were thinking about not performing, but we saw how the cheerleaders always perform without music so we sang instead,” Senior Eunjin Seo said.

Afterwards, the robotics team brought out their t-shirt cannon and launched school shirts into the bleachers as the pep band played music for the audience.