November 2014 Issue


Behind the backdrop: the production of a play
by Grace PhanTara SadjadpourTanveer Bains (Photo) and Mikela Lazari (Photo)

Dance of the ages
by Matthew Basanty and Jungwon Shin

Fall choir concert strikes the right note on debut night
by Tara SadjadpourYoon Jeong and Mikela Lazari (Photo)

Halftime heroics
by Rohil Kulkarni and Elisabeth Vehling

Homecoming unmasked
by Matthew Basanty

Playing the hero
by Alex Huang and Shraddha Kamat

Running to fight cancer
by Larissa Bitterli and Sunwoo Park

Showdown at the rally
by Yoon Jeong and Kyung Lee


Assisted suicide’s critical controversies
by Eddie Kim

Campus concerns 
by Tara Verma

Constantly competing
by Shannon Gu

Ebola hysteria: an epic epidemic?
by Ken Tanaka

Time for the embargo to go
by Heejoo Ko and Ken Tanaka

Video gaming: a viable career path?
by Kyle Cui and Sarika Madhvapathy


Charger Pals club members form friendships with Special Ed students
by Jungwon Shin, Prashant Desai and Kaavya Samu (Photo)

Malala: the face of freedom
by Syona Bardhan

Meet William Wang, a fellow student using 3-D technology to make prosthetics
by Salma Shaikh and Kaavya Samu (Photo)

Protestors take Hong Kong by storm
by Catherine Gao

Solar Energy from Africa strives to light up the United Kingdom
by Salma Shaikh

The Tractor Beams: a band with a voice that needs to be heard
by Tara Sadjadpour


Creating the perfect child
by Amanda Chen

Quiz: Are you a control freak?
by Larissa Bitterli

Taking control: The grey zone
by Sunwoo Park

Under the influence
by Larissa Bitterli and Ethan Hu


Facebook conquers the “dark web”
by Ruta Jawale

Film Review: Interstellar
by Matthew Basanty

Google search: convenience at a cost
by Leon Liu

Preventing rape with rainbow hues
by Olivia Thai

Sports both on the field and on the screen 
by Eddie Kim and Edward Yoon


Christmas creep
by Murtaza Moiyadi

Investigative Report

Dangers of the party scene: beyond the glitz and glamour
by Yi Youn Kim, Adrienne Zhang and Saba Tabrizi (Art)

Measure H bonds improve education and support local schools
by Catherine Gao and Kyung Lee

Underneath the neon lights
by Emily Meng and Jenny Lee


Athlete of the Month
by Trevor Sochocki

Boys water polo dives head-on into the post season
by Rohil Kulkarni and Murtaza Moiyadi

Girls’ field hockey shows immense progress
by Alice Young and Murtaza Moiyadi

Girls’ tennis finishes 14-0
by Ethan Hu and Stephen Li

The most dominant baseball team of this century
by Olivia Thai

Varsity football catches and secures a CCS berth
by Stephen Li and Tanveer Bains (Photo)

Last Word

Alumni interview: Colin Aitken
by Prashant Desai

Rookie robotics rules
by Diana Koo and Sabrina Denton (Photo)

The role of women in STEM
by Eddie Kim


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