Playing the hero

During the week of Oct. 20, classes performed their skits in the quad at lunch.

Students from all grades stayed as late as 9 pm rehearsing at school, building the sets, running their scenes and recording their lines. Several teachers, including Jennifer Oddson , Science Department, Julie Montgomery , Math Department, Joe Kerwin , Social Studies Department and Michael Adams , Social Studies Department, appeared in the skits as well, and spent time after school to practice with the students.

Classes conquered various challenges along the way. For instance, the freshmen performed their entire skit in the rain, while the sophomores dealt with a prop setback quickly.

“Despite losing our first backdrop, we still managed to complete our new one on time. It turned out much better than any of us expected,” Sophomore Vicky Nguyen said.

In the end, the freshmen took fourth place, the sophomores took third, the juniors took second and the seniors took first. Many students believe that the skits were entertaining to watch.

“I felt that everybody put in a good deal of effort, and ended up doing a great job overall,” Freshman Shalin Avlani said.