Quiz: Are you a control freak?

1. You and a couple of your friends are in a car, and one of your friends is driving badly. What do you do?
A. Tell the driver how to improve his or her driving, or say that you should switch drivers.
B. Spend most of the ride cringing on the edge of your seat but say nothing.
C. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

2. Your room became extremely disorganized and it’s getting hard to navigate around the messy piles. What is your reaction?
A. Your room would not have become that messy anyway. You like to have everything organized, and whenever something is out of place, you like to fix it immediately.
B. You would clean your room up; it’s a lot nicer to have a clean room to work in.
C. Leave it alone – sometimes messy spaces are comforting. You’ll clean it up eventually.

3. You are deciding on a list of colleges you want to visit and learn more about. Who should be involved in helping you with the list?
A. No one – this list is about your preferences. You want to be fully in charge of all the decisions concerning your future.
B. Your parents or guardians – they will be able to help since they have experience. In the end, you are simply visiting colleges, not deciding on one.
C. Anyone with anything helpful to offer. Any extra advice is welcome.

4. Your teacher has just given you an extra exercise to help you with a homework assignment. What do you do?
A. Add the extra problem to your to-do list. You like to write down lists to remember important details.
B. Write it down on a sticky note or in your planner somewhere. As long as you have it written down with your school things, you’ll be able to find it.
C. Take a quick mental note. You’ll complete it if you have time, and besides, you won’t forget – maybe.

5. When ordering Starbucks, what would be your most typical order?
A. Dictating the temperature, amount of whipped cream, number of pumps of syrup and the ratio of milk to coffee.
B. Deciding between iced tea and a mocha latte. It really depends on the weather.
C. Ordering the “barista choice” drink of the day. It’s always fun trying something new.

6. Do you do the most work on group projects?
A. Yes – you worry that your peers will not put enough effort into their part of the project and won’t complete their job to your standards. You are more likely to do most of or all of the work to ensure you receive a good grade.
B. You do your part the best you can; you are fine with doing a little extra work to get the job done faster or make the project better if necessary.
C. You only do what you are assigned to do– everyone else is responsible for their parts.

If you answered mostly A’s , you like to be in control of situations. You prefer to make decisions yourself, and are reluctant to accept other ideas. You possess qualities that make you a strong leader and an independent individual, but bear in mind that you can not be in control of everything. Try to allow other people to help you and give you ideas. This will help you grow as a leader and will lead others to respect you more. Don’t forget to let your peers in group projects do their own part!

If you answered mostly B’s , you take control if necessary. You maintain a balance between extreme control and a laidback attitude. You can analyze situations to judge best how to fit your inputs in. Remember to continue controlling that balance to become a respectable leader; sometimes taking more initiative allows you to exhibit your enthusiasm and abilities better. Try to think things through and gauge the need of a leader for different situations.

If you answered mostly C’s , you are very laid back and usually refrain from taking control. You prefer to let things work out on their own, and sometimes wait for others to lead or take control of situations. You may feel uncomfortable guiding others. Try to become more comfortable with taking charge – remember to be assertive and speak up when something bothers you.