Showdown at the rally

Booming cheers, white, yellow, columbia blue and navy blue colored crowds announced the onset of the Homecoming spirit rally.

Pumped up by the music and festivities, each class entered the gym on Oct. 24 prepared to compete in games in the hopes of winning more spirit points. The school’s cheerleaders performed a new routine which won the Aloha International Spirit Championship, as students in the bleachers also cheered.

Students played three different games at this rally: a superhero-themed relay race, which involved breaking through a wall of paper to save a damsel in distress, a stuffed animal catapult game reminiscent of Angry Birds and an old-fashioned match of tug-of-war. The freshmen and seniors scored victories during their rallies.

After showing a video to promote Drama’s fall play, the ASB officers announced the results of the Homecoming skits and the elected Homecoming royalty. The emperor, empress, king, queen, princes and princesses were all called up to the front of the gym to receive ribbons and crowns or tiaras.

At the end of the rally, Entourage led students in singing the school’s fight song, accompanied by music from the pep band. The rally boosted spirit for the Homecoming dance which took place the next day.