Girls soccer sprints past opponents for an undefeated preseason

Through successful preseason play, the Chargers Girls’ Soccer team has been able to compare themselves to the rest of the field before approaching league play. With dominating performaces, they have built momentum and confidence for the remainder of the year. Starting the season with a tie followed by three wins against Overfelt, Fremont, and Westmont by a combined score of 16-0, it’s clear the team is poised to compete at a high level during regular season compeitions.

Although these were merely preseason games, they were still important. They gave opportunities for the Chargers to get acquainted with their system and teammates, as well as a taste of what the regular season may show them. It also allows the girls to refine their conditioning and have morphed their unique club strategies into a winning formula.

“The team can use the preseason to help us cooperate with one another, and work out all the small things such as plays and positions,” captain Lauren Craft ’16 said.

While giving the Chargers a chance to get used to the team, their play in the preseason also showed what they need to progress on if they want to play to their full potential.

“I think that our team needs to continue to improve on working together and building team chemistry, because it’s difficult for all of us to be on the same page all the time in the game having come from different clubs that play different styles of soccer,” Kelsey Chope ’16 said.

Building off what Chope said, the team exemplified hard work and good chemistry in their first league game, a 3-1 win over the Live Oak Acorns on Jan. 7. The Charger’s used their athleticism to strike first, as a shot by Taryn Silvergate ’16 went over the keeper’s hands to give the Charger’s a 1-0 lead in the first half. However, the Acorns responded in the second half, netting an equalizer to tie the game up. This soon proved to be the only score that goalkeeper Brianna Bertolin ’16 would let in, as the Charger’s defense solidified and limited Live Oak’s opportunities. Later in the second half, Kaitlin Zarbis ’17 finished off a corner kick from Craft to give the Chargers the lead once again. The team then extended their lead to 3-1 on a shot by Chope, assisted by Meghan Scudero ’16.

“I think our team unity really helped us, as we understood where each of our players were going to be and played to their strengths,” said Nica Farrahi ’15.

The team benefited from capitalizing on their depth, as they got contributions from all across the board. From Sophia Sydir ’18 and Jenna Mayo ’16 helping strengthen the defense to Silvergate, Scudero, and Zarbis’s adding pressure on the attack, the team was able to take control of the game and ultimately come out on top.

“We are a really well rounded team and proved that against Live Oak. We can’t wait to show others our potential and what we will accomplish this season,” Craft said.