February 2015


GoPros enable anyone to ‘be a hero’
by Eddie Kim, Amanda Chen and Katherine Wang (Art)
Technology in our minds
by Ruta Jawale
Top 10 inventions we should have by now
by Prashant Desai and Sunwoo Park


Angela Yuen: pursuing her passion for writing by publishing book reviews
by Elisabeth Vehling and 
Black Student Union members celebrate and reflect upon Black History Month
by Salma Shaikh and 
From Nigeria to Cameroon: Boko Haram terrorizes cities across Africa
by Amanda Chen
Quotebox: How do you celebrate your culture throughout the year?
by Larissa Bitterli
Top 6 winter celebrations across the globe
by Grace Phan and Leon Liu
Unraveling the mystery of Easter Island
by Heejoo Ko, Salma Shaikh and Melissa He (Art)

Investigative Report

New security measures aim to confront dangers at the school
by Catherine Gao and

Last Word

Interview with Kedar Thiagarajan and Paramjyot Singh
by Yoon Jeong, Sunwoo Park, Edward Yoon and Kaavya Samu (Photo)
Student Interviews: Aaron Memon and Deborah Lee
by Tara Sadjadpour, Edward Yoon and Kaavya Samu (Photo)
Top 4 ways to get involved
by Jungwon Shin


Millenials: Are we worse than our parents?
by Eddie Kim and Tara Sadjadpour
The evolution of dating
by , and
Top 11 date ideas in Almaden
by Elisabeth Vehling


Intel’s $300 million diversity initiative signifies support for change
by , and
Leland Bridge Night welcomes the year of the sheep
by , and
Quotebox: How has growing up in Silicon Valley affected your experiences with technology?
by Yoon Jeong
Showing signs of service
by , and
Students donate a pint for a pint
by  and
Talent takes the stage
by , and


Community college: free for all?
by  and
Creed and Charlie: the right to offend?
by  and
Cruelty in captivity
by Tara Verma
Love, not hate
by Shannon Gu
Not so charitable foreign “aid”
by  and
Taking a shot at the flu
by  and


Athlete of the Month: Meghan Scudero
by Trevor Sochocki and Sabrina Denton (Photo)
Girls’ basketball maintains a winning record in league
by Stephen Li, Olivia Thai and Rachel Mcdermott (Photo)
Girls’ soccer post comeback victories in light of injuries
by Murtaza Moiyadi and Mikela Lazari (Photo)
Golden State proves the skeptics wrong
by Olivia Thai
Slick shooting leads boys basketball to top spot in league
by Murtaza Moiyadi and Tanveer Bains (Photo)
Wrestling knocks out Branham, keeps pushing forward
by Alice Young and Matthew Lee (Photo)


Drinking your milk: growing up confident
by Shraddha Kamat and Edward Yoon
Falling from great heights
by Sarika Madhvapathy and Murtaza Moiyadi
The constant struggle with doubt
by Jenny Lee