Girls’ basketball maintains a winning record in league

Famous basketball coach John Wooden once said, “It’s not so important who starts the game but who finishes it.” With their season now well underway, Varsity Girls’ Basketball has returned from a difficult pre-season and headed to the court progress their dribbles, passes, and shots as they look to build upon their winning record. With freshmen Chae-Eun Kim ’18 and Caitlin Nguyen ’18 as young additions to the team, the Chargers have been working diligently in preparation for the second half of the season.

Highlighting the roster are co-captains Sienna Gonzales ’16 and Melissa Fletcher ’15, who have both consistently put up superstar-worthy points. Sun Bang ’17 and Nguyen have also been important contributors, with Bang averaging 7.9 points per game and Nguyen 6.2.

Things began to look much brighter for the girls following their preseason once they quickly learned from their mistakes and started working towards progress. The girls remained positive, working meticulously to fix every move.

“We’ve improved a lot since our pre-season. Each game has helped us notice where we need to get better and work together as a team. Our chemisty has grown, and with that, wins have been coming as well” Florence Scheve ’16 said.

Rebounding from the preseason, the girls returned to the court and won their first league match against Independence on January 6. The Chargers quickly overwhelmed their competitors 62-30 in a dominant recovery more than doubling the score of the 76ers. Only two days later, the Chargers were able to emerge victorious 47-45 again in a tight matchup a strong Sobrato Bulldogs team.

Their unyielding effort and powerful teamwork proved to be pivotal as they dominated the court once again the following week.Against Santa Teresa, Fletcher led the Chargers with 20 points. Meanwhile, both Gonzales and Bang scored eight points and Nguyen had six of her own to add to a 46-39 victory over the Saints.

Despite the hard fought match, the girls lost 50-42 in their next match against Leigh on January 15. Regardless, the game featured impressive plays by Fletcher, who scored 15 points behind the three-point line alone. Karina Lavalley ’17 also added a pivotal two pointer near the end of the game. With their next matchup, the Chargers were able to recover from their loss and consequently triumphed over Live Oak five days later with an incredibly close score of 58-57. After leading by six at the end of the third quarter, they held on for an entertaining win against the Acorns. They then proceeded to victory once again against the Lincoln Lions, winning 39-35 on Jan. 28.

“A huge difference from last year is the fact that this year, we are much more experienced. The team chemistry is a lot stronger than what it used to be. I have no doubt that we’ll do well and finish first in our league. We have confidence and pride when we play, and it allows us to compete against bigger and stronger opponents. We aren’t intimidated by anyone in our division, and we have proved that with our victories,” Gonzales said.

With a devotion for the game, Charger Basketball has been practicing endlessly to prepare for the Blossom Valley Athletic League (BVAL) tournament. Their winning record proves that they are ready to earn first place in league play.