Girls’ soccer post comeback victories in light of injuries

After losing only their first league game and relinquishing their first place position in the Mount Hamilton league due to a 4-2 loss to Leigh on Jan. 28, Varsity Girls’ Soccer knew they had to recoup after a tough loss. The team’s next game was a match-up against Live Oak on Jan. 30 on home turf at the Pat Tillman Stadium. The Chargers had previously beaten Live Oak 3-1 earlier in the season, but expected the Acorns to come out with more intensity than they did before.

Live Oak did just that, as they jumped on the Chargers early. The girls surrendered two early goals as goalkeeper Brianna Bertolin’16 was out with an injury. Star forward Meghan Scudero ’16 was also on the sidelines with a dislocated shoulder.

“Due to our injuries, we were forced to make some changes in positions and use each other’s strengths to take on unfamiliar roles,”Julianna Webb ’17 said.

With their backs against the wall, the girls settled down and successfully did what Webb said: they fed off of each other’s strengths. The Chargers responded with a quick goal by Taryn Silverglate ’16, effectively cutting the deficit down to one. Silverglate again scored soon after, equalizing the game on a chip pass from Kelsey Chope ’16.

The girls carried their momentum even furthur as Kassandra Le ’17 scored a third Charger goal on a pass from Kaitlin Zarbis ’17 with twenty-nine minutes still left in the first half, making the score 3-2. The game continued to go back and forth as the Acorns scored five minutes later to again tie the game.

At the halftime, the score was 3-3, with both teams looking to grind out a win in a very offensive game.

In the second half, the Chargers stepped it up defensively. They halted Live Oak’s shots on goal and took control of the ball, limiting their opponent’s time of possession. However, the game still remained tied, as the Acorns solidified their defense as well. As the game came down to the wire, the Chargers knew they only had a few more chances left to complete the rally and give the home crowd a victory.

With high offensive pressure, they pushed down the field and ultimately earned their reward. Chope kicked in the rebound of a missed shot with just seven minutes left to give the Chargers a 4-3 victory over Live Oak.

While the game was a memorable come-from-behind victory, the team saw this victory as a wake-up call.

“We need to work on focusing more at practice and during warm-ups so that we can perform better at games. Ultimately, we need to start on a stronger foot so we don’t end up in these high-pressure situations,” Chope said.

The Chargers are now sitting at a comfortable 6-3-1 in their league and a remarkable 9-3-2 overall. They are second behind the Leigh Longhorns, who sport a 7-1 record. Looking ahead, the team knows it will be facing off against harder teams and looks to build upon this victory as the season progresses.
 “I really do think our team has progressed this year. So far, we have four key players injured for the rest of the season and our record demonstrates the true quality of our roster,” said Farrahi.