Quotebox: How do you celebrate your culture throughout the year?

“During Diwali, we put lights everywhere around the house and we make designs called rangoli. We form colored powder into shapes such as flowers on our doorstep. ”

– Sophomore Maya Kalbag

“We celebrate Lunar New Year.”

– Freshman David Vo

“We have potlucks in my family.”

– Sophomore Adel Djebroun

“Chinese New Year is our main celebration every year.”

– Junior Camellia Ho

“We eat seaweed soup on birthdays.”

– Sophomore Woojin Ko

“I go crazy whenever there’s Saint Patrick’s Day. I also research my county’s history, and I try to learn the Irish language.”

– Junior Jessica Johnson

“I celebrate Christmas and get presents with my family.”

– Sophomore Jack Bushbaum

“We always do Vietnamese New Year and red envelopes.”

– Freshman Kaitlyn Vo

“I dress in cultural clothes and celebrate very month.”

– Sophomore Kalkidan Worku

“I celebrate my culture by cooking traditional food.”

– Sophomore Brianne Do