Quotebox: How has growing up in Silicon Valley affected your experiences with technology?

“With my father as a Computer Science major, I grew up with an interest in messing around with technology and doing things like reassembling custom computers, taking apart appliances like cell phones and programming computers.”

– Sophomore Vincent Nguyen

“Growing up in Silicon Valley has allowed me to be in contact with the production of music, directing of films and programming of mobile applications. As a DJ, I’ve also been able to connect to the DJ community of Silicon Valley.”

– Freshman Johar Samrao

“As a result of living in Silicon Valley, I’ve placed a lot more value on jobs that deal with technology. It is expected for me to follow a career path to that kind of job.”

– Senior Jessica Gilbert

“Living in Silicon Valley has given me opportunities. I have been involved in the Leland Computer Science team, given the option to take computer science classes at Leland and worked an internship for database programming.”

– Sophomore Robert Blohm

“I lived in Minnesota during my childhood, and had I not moved to Silicon Valley, I would have taken a very direct path to a career in mathematics. But since I moved here, my interest has branched off to include several sciences, including computer science.”

– Sophomore Charles Haiwen