Top 10 inventions we should have by now

10. Clothes that grow as you grow: You’ll be able to wear the same cute clothes your mother dressed you in as a toddler!

9. Real time speaking translator: For the travelers who have always wanted to speak Azerbaijani, Welsh, or Yiddish but never had the time to learn, just speak into the translator and your words will immediately be translated into the language of your choice.

8. Opposite-microwave: Make instant ice cream and immediately chill drinks, perfect for those hot summer days.

7. Screens in the bathrooms of movie theaters: Have to go to the bathroom during an action-packed movie? No problem! Take your time on the toilet, since you won’t have to miss any parts of the movie with the handy screen in the bathroom.

6. Segway Vacuum Cleaner: The next time your mom nags you to do chores, break out the Segway vacuum cleaner and ride around the house until she can’t find a single speck of dust anywhere.

5. Space Elevators: Spend a vacation on Mars or Jupiter, soaking in the sun from a slightly different vantage point than usual. After all, space is only one long awkward-elevator-ride-with-strangers-avoiding-eye-contact away.

4. Affordable Jet Pack: As you yell goodbye to your parents, you strap on your jetpack and minutes later touch down at school in style.

3. Water Shoes: No, not crocs. These water shoes would enable people to walk on water, so now everyone can be as cool as Jesus.

2. Sea Colonies: Have a party with Spongebob and the rest of the gang while eliminating the problem of overpopulation.

1. Dream Recorder: Not only will your friends be able to hear about your dream where Katy Perry turned into a giant pink flamingo and ate all your clothes and then burped up a puppy, they’ll be able to see it now too.