Top 10 fitness and nutrition applications

10. EveryMove (iOS and Android)

Cost: Free

This app features a rewards system that allows users to earn points by completing fitness-based goals and activities. These points can then be redeemed and used at certain retailers. Employers and health plans may offer additional rewards. Users can share their workouts with friends, employers, health plans and gyms.

9. Pocket Yoga (iOS and Android)

Cost: $2.99

Pocket Yoga is a portable yoga instructor, guiding users through over 200 yoga poses. With illustrations and music, this app is the closest an application can get to an actual yoga class while allowing users to exercise at their own pace.

8. RunKeeper (iOS and Android)

Cost: Free

In addition to tracking and calculating statistics after runs, RunKeeper also allows users to plan and visualize routes using GPS maps. The application also provides training workouts and logs to maximize a user’s fitness experience.

7. Fooducate (iOS and Android)

Cost: Free

Fooducate is an educational nutrition app that identifies and evaluates ingredients in different foods. After scanning a product’s barcode, the user can view a summary of the the food’s contents and nutrients and a health grade, as well as a list of healthier alternatives.

6. Fitocracy Macros (iOS)

Cost: Free

Although most diet-based phone applications track calories, Fitocracy Macros instead tracks macronutrients in food, such as fat and proteins, making it more useful for recreational weight lifters, bodybuilders and athletes. This application highlights nutrients that are missing in users’ diets and makes suggestions for future meals.

5. Lose It (iOS and Android)

Cost: Free

Lose It provides an easy and effective way to log food diaries and daily workouts. After a user logs daily statistics, the app can calculate total calorie intake, weight loss or gain and total daily energy expenditure. The app creates a customized weight loss plan, specifying the amount of calories users should consume for their desired weight loss. Users have lost over 38 million pounds combined.

4. Zombies, Run! (iOS and Android)

Zombies, Run! takes fitness motivation to the next level by immersing users in a story-based game, where they must complete real-life running goals in order to complete the story. Users can listen to the story as they run or play their own music.

3. iFitness (iOS)

Cost: $1.99

iFitness offers a wide range of muscle strengthening exercises. It is great for those looking for a “gym buddy” to guide them through workouts.

2. Couch to 5k (iOS and Android)

Cost: $2.99

Couch to 5k is great for jogging beginners. Users follow an eight week training program of three days a week, with the intensity increasing each week.

1. Fitbit (iOS and Android)

Cost: Free

Fitbit has a wide variety of functions to keep users active. The app tracks not only daily goals but also progress over time, using statistics to help users manage their goals. The app also offers workout and food logs and allows users to compete against friends with daily or weekly challenges.