Boys’ Tennis on their way to the top

The boys tennis team has had a scorching start to their stellar season. They bursted out of the gates with a 4-0 start before surrendering their undefeated record against Evergreen Valley High School. The Chargers defeated Branham 6-1, Pioneer 6-1, Westmont 4-3 and Silver Creek 6-1 in the first four games of the season before losing to the Cougars 3-4. The loss against Evergreen Valley was a tough one; the Chargers had multiple three set matches that would ultimately turn the tides slightly in favor of the Cougars. Historically, the tennis squad has had incredible success and multiple star players, and this season, the story is no different.

We have had a lot of injuries this year and it has hurt us in league games but it has also given a lot of the guys who don’t normally play a chance to step up and they have done really well,” Akshay Nagar ’16 said.

Even with multiple injuries and some unfortunate ineligibilities, the team has proved to be unfazed and continues to do well in league. They have the number two rated singles player in league in Mukund Madabhushi ’18 and the number one rated doubles team in twins Brandon Kim ’18 and Justin Kim ’18. They also have the number three rated doubles team in Sungho Park ’16 and Young Kim ’17.

The team then won away at Piedmont Hills 6-1 and away at Branham 7-0. Over the two game stretch, the doubles teams went undefeated. The next foe that the Chargers faced was the Westmont Warriors. After many close games, the Warriors emerged victorious and handed the Chargers their second loss of the season 3-4. In the Blossom Valley Athletic League (BVAL) qualifyings, the Kim brothers were doubles champions, while Madabhushi was the singles champion.

On April 5, the Chargers faced off with Piedmont Hills again. The team won 6-1 with notable performances from Kyle Mcdonald ’17 and Eamon Smith ’18, who won 6-3 7-6 and 6-1 6-2, respectively. Even though they are doing very well, there are some skills that can be sharpened to push each player’s game to the next level and allow for the team to reach an elite status.  

“One thing we can implement into our game to give better chances of winning games is moving up to the net more often. Many teams out there like to lob, so moving to the net would give them less time to set up a lob,” Head Coach Steven Richards said.  

The Chargers next set their sights on the BVAL tournament, which is at the school over spring break. The ultimate goal: to have both champions that emerge be Chargers. Along with this weighty tournament comes a major test after spring break. The team will have a rematch on Apr. 18 against league rival Evergreen Valley, who defeated the school earlier in the season in a close game. With first place in league at stake, the Chargers are making sure they are prepared and determined to avenge one of their two only losses this season.