Top five promising startups

5. Navdy: Founded in 2013 by Doug Simpson and Karl Guttag, Navdy is a virtual projector that displays road directions and a map onto the windshield of a car, in addition to music playlists, phone calls and text messages. This invention was created to help prevent collisions by stopping drivers from looking at their smartphones for directions. With $30 million of funding from Upfront Ventures and a handful of investors, Navdy promises to better the future of driving.

4. HackerOne: HackerOne is an initiative that hires hackers to find holes in the firewalls of companies. The hacker is paid 20 percent of the payment offered to the company to locate any weaknesses in the software of companies and help repair the bugs. Headed by CEO Marten Mickos, the company received $34 million of support from Benchmark Capital. The company believes that it will be the first step in persuading hackers into promoting cyber security instead of causing problems.

3. Eero: Designed to combat faltering wi-fi signals, Eero invented devices to be attached to a home’s router and plugged into outlets to help extend the reach of the signal. The company was founded in 2013 by Nick Weaver, Amos Schallich and Nate Hardison and received a $40 million grant from AME Cloud Ventures. Sold online as of 2015, Eero devices have already began improving connectivity in modern households.

2. Postmates: Similar to Amazon Prime, but even faster, Postmates promises to make a delivery made by a client in under one hour. The business hires a driver to purchase the order at a store and bring it to the client, who pays both the company and the delivery person. Developed in 2011, CEO Bastian Lehmann is confident that the company will become profitable by 2017.

1. AltSchool: AltSchool is an innovative school system designed to creatively offer each student a unique set of customized to-do lists, catering to each student’s distinct needs and learning habits. Unofficially dubbed, “the school Silicon Valley thinks will save education,” the company was founded in San Francisco and is already being utilized in the Bay Area. AltSchool was funded 137 million dollars from the Founders Fund and was created as result of a partnership between Max Ventilla and Bharat Mediratta.