Quotebox: overpaid firefighters and police officers

Due to miscalculations from the San Jose City Finance Office, over 300 retired firefighters and policemen were overpaid but were not notified until several years later.

Should the firefighters be required to return the extra money?

“Maybe the San Jose Finance Office can ask for help financially, but there is no obligation for retirees to pay the office back considering that this incident happened years ago.” —Senior Alice Zhang

“We should not enforce a law that demands retirees to return the excess money because that would simply cause economic turmoil. Money would be suddenly confiscated from these retirees; we should not exacerbate the problem with a law with [very limited] clear structure or direction.” —Sophomore Jeff Kim

“It is not the retirees’ fault that they were overpaid. What San Jose should instead reduce the retirees’ payments the next time the retirees are paid to compensate for the lost money.” —Junior Emily Vu

“Forcing retired firefighters to return overpaid money is unethical. Many would have planned out their retirement and would be at a disadvantage economically if money was suddenly taken from them.” —Junior Umang Srivastav