Showcasing talent: the annual Talent Show

As students settled down in their seats, the cafeteria lights dimmed and voices quieted down. The curtains on the stage parted, revealing the first act of the show. All eyes were on Sophomore Alyssa Huang as she began her intricate tap dance performance to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”

On Thursday, Feb. 9, 152 students and parents came to watch the school’s annual talent show, put on by Associated Student Body (ASB) and emceed by Seniors Brady Thompson and Daniel Vo. The show featured Chargers performing a variety of talents, ranging from singing to presenting magic tricks to playing different instruments.

“It really helps [with stage fright] that you can’t see the audience at all from the stage, so it just feels like we are all dancing together as friends, having a good time,” Sophomore Vooha Kumar, Naach Secretary, said.

Seniors Melissa Guo and Sharon Xiao harmonized to Bastille’s “Pompeii,” accompanied by Guo playing chords on the guitar. As the final act before intermission, Juniors Ping Hsieh and Brandon Chen performed a percussion duet with Hsieh on the marimba and Chen on the piano. Senior Sophia Castillo then gave a heartfelt speech dedicating her performance to her father, followed with a cover of “Rise Up” by Andra Day accompanied by Senior Ricardo Rios playing chords on the piano.

“Dedicating the song to my dad made my performance so much more meaningful and it was amazing to see the audience waving their phone flashlights,” Castillo said.

The talent show’s finale featured a band named “The Hot Rods,” consisting of Junior Paul Heo and Senior Austin Belluscio on electric guitars, Junior Cooper Houston on the drumset, Senior Jason Hayashi playing the alto saxophone and Senior Carl Agers striking the tambourine. At the end of the band’s jazz-like composition “We Are Number One” from the children’s show Lazy Town, audience members jumped up to give a thunderous standing ovation to the band.

“It is so compelling to see the wide variety of talents that students have at this school, and I really enjoy coming to the show to support my fellow students in pursuing their passions.” Freshman Aaren Gaud said.

ASB commissioners Junior Ryan Cance and Senior Hannah Angileri organized the show from start to finish, under the supervision of Meg Walsh, Activities Director and ASB Advisor. Preparations for the event began at the start of the semester, with tryouts for the show beginning Jan. 25. According to Walsh, this year the ASB class invested financially in an improved sound system in the cafeteria, and worked with drama to borrow equipment to enhance the sound quality at events like the talent show and, later this year, GQ.

“This show would not have been possible without the help of drama’s light and sound department,” Walsh said.

Because no money was invested in putting on the show itself, the event made a large profit for the ASB class; these funds will go towards buying decorations for Sadie’s and rally materials for Wellness Week in March.