Top 4: Insensitive comments from entertainers

4. Actress and feminist Lena Dunham made an offensive joke that although she had never received an abortion, she wished she had. She soon apologized for trivializing the termination of a pregnancy and reiterated her support for reproductive justice.

3. After Prince’s death from opioid overdose, singer Gene Simmons asserted that it was “pathetic that he killed himself.” He later apologized and said his aggressive behavior stemmed from history with loved ones who suffered from drug addiction.

2. Chris Hemsworth dressed up as a Native American for a New Year’s Eve costume party, engaging in culture appropriation. He later apologized and announced his support for the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

1. Matt Harrigan, CEO of software company PacketSled, was fired after posting violent threats against Donald Trump in Nov. 2016, such as “I’m going to kill the president.”