Quotebox: Looking at racial equality today, how far have we come, and how far do we have to go?

“Considering where we were before, we have come a long way. There has been some sign of regression, such as an upkick in anti semitic
threats. The ultimate question, however, is whether we are more racist nowadays, or are more people more comfortable in showing their
bigotry. Bigotry stems from ignorance, so in order to fix the situation, education is the best solution.”
Mark Cahn, Department of Science

“When my parents were born, mixed race marriage was illegal in this country. It is amazing to me to think that a time when American
laws would have told a white woman and a black man that they legally could not be married exsisted such a short time ago. We have
obviously come a long way, but racism continues to affect legislation, popular culture and what we consider to be social norms. We
have yet to find ourselves in a place where a multiracial, multicultureal society is free of tension. The way to rid ourselves of racial
equality is to make positive gestures and changes that will effect the culture of our generation, and be passed on to the ones after ours.
It is with persistence, education and patience that we will make America free of racism.”
-Senior Julia Samuel

“We have gone a long way, but we have not achieved racial equality. Still, it is amazing how organizations and activists are fighting to
educate the public so that everyone has an understanding of where they are coming from. We should increase the idea of educating
children to venture out to other people of various cultures and understand about the diverse cultures in the world. ”
-Junior Katheryn Zhou