Athlete of the Month: Kyle Anderson

It is rare to see a high school running back with an average of 7.7 yards per carry. It is also rare to see a running back with 14 rushing (15 total) touchdowns through just six games. That is what the varsity football team has gotten from Kyle Anderson’19. Standing at 5’10” Anderson is not an imposing figure, yet his performance this season is enough to intimidate opposing defenses.

Growing up playing Pop Warner tackle football, Anderson knew he would want to play high school football. As a freshman, Anderson played as starting running back for the junior varsity team. With a decent statline of 3.3 yards per carry, Anderson was pulled up to Varsity for his sophomore year where the team earned a record of 2-8. Anderson’s sophomore season saw him averaging 5.4 yards per carry, and scoring 16 touchdowns over over the ten games played.

“Sophomore year was a good experience for me,” Anderson said. “Though we were not as successful as we hoped to be for multiple reasons and had some problems on both offense and defense, the coaching positions were not constant.”

This season, the team jumped out to a 6-0 record thanks to solid play from Anderson and new quarterback Carson Yates’20. Still undefeated in league play, the Chargers are number one in the CCS standings. With almost 200 rushing yards per game and 15 total scores, Anderson has been a star for the team, but feels the credit should not be given to him.

“The offensive line is incredible, those guys are the most underrated and undervalued players we have,” Anderson said, “If it wasn’t for them I would not be able to do anything close to what I have done so far.”

Anderson’s play has earned him recognition among colleges, the next step in his football career. Though he still has one more year to play, Anderson has already been in touch with college football recruiters who have expressed interest in his abilities.

“I would love to play in college,” Anderson said. “I have talked to some recruiting agents about that process and I think it is the next step for me in terms of football.”

Despite the recognition he gets for his play on the field, Anderson does enjoy getting away from the game at times to. With many hobbies that are not typically seen among average high school students Anderson is not the person many would expect to see when he is off the field.

“My two big hobbies are fishing and cutting hair,” said Anderson. “I have been cutting my own hair since third grade and I started cutting my friends’ hair just a couple years ago. It is a very casual thing normally, they do not want to pay for their haircuts, so I do it for them. It is just something I enjoy doing.”

Football is known to be a tough sport, where concussions and various injuries are always a risk. The ball carrier will have 11 opposing players hunting him down looking to stop him by any means necessary. Injuries are more frequent in a position such as running back, a position that requires determination, courage and an intelligence for the game that separates the good from the great.

“I had to learn how to fall or go down in a certain way to avoid getting hit with cheap shots or extra hits,” Anderson said. “I have had to deal with broken ribs and a lot of concussions playing football, but you just gotta get up and keep fighting for your team. That drive is what makes a good player.”