The hustle and bustle behind Ball

For years, the school has familiarized the concept of the junior class having their own dance and the seniors having theirs. Meg Walsh, Activities Director, and members of the Associated Student Body (ASB) committee carried out the thought process behind the decision to have a combined junior and senior “Ball” this year, as well as began working on the preparations for the dance that will take place on Jun. 2. “We felt that the format of Junior Prom costing so much money to only go to a venue and have a DJ was kind of weird, but we really liked the aspects of Senior Ball, so we figured that if we get more people to attend Ball we could keep the event for seniors while juniors got a better deal with the whole sit-down dinner, fancy ballroom, etc.”Walsh said. The theme, inspired by the Disney animation Tangled, is “At Last I See the Light.” Originally, Senior Class Vice President Josh Kim and Senior Class Secretary Sammy Barker were advertising the theme “Pokéball,”inspired by Pokémon, but the junior officers revealed the actual theme during the last rally. “We chose a theme that we thought could have the best decorations and create an elegant ambiance. This year, for the dance, we will have “seniors only” activities planned in order to make the night more special for our seniors,” Junior Class Vice President Alyssa Mai said. ASB considered what solution would be the most beneficial for the most amount of upperclassmen at the school. By addressing the needs of both classes, both juniors and seniors are able to enjoy the dance at a grander scale with the new utilization of combined funds. Because students from either class may feel that the class combination will take away from their overall experience, ASB has also acquired a larger venue in addition to the traditional dinner provided for both classes. So far, the junior and senior officers have worked on designing center pieces for the dining tables, planning the budget and distributing the funds to certain aspects of the dance, assembling decorations, choosing the menu options, organizing the food catering, making a song playlist and hiring a DJ for the night. Based on this year’s outcome of the dance, Walsh will determine whether or not this combined dance will continue on for the future years. Because of this year’s current situation with funds, higher prices for venues, and additional factors, the plan for future dances has yet to be decided. Seniors will still have the focus on their special night as ASB plans to incorporate certain aspects in the dance to solely revolve around the senior students attending. These include playing the first song of the event for only theseniors to dance together to and start the night. “The motivation was to keep the events as engaging as they could be knowing that so many changes were happening … The [changes] were not something that we could have controlled … It has been discussed for a couple of years now and we really tried to wait and see the numbers for this year. Once we saw the numbers we realized we had to make this change,” Walsh said.