Athlete of the Month: Erica Lam excels on and off the golf course

In her nine years of playing golf and dominating on the course, it is hard to think that Erica Lam ‘20 started playing golf in hopes of trying to be better than her dad. Now, her constant attempts to defeat him has paid off. Lam went from being a competitive daughter barely able to hold her dad’s oversized golf clubs, to becoming one of the four teens in the Bay Area chosen to play in the prestigious Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) tour champions event.

“When I was little, my parents made me try a bunch of sports, so I would always follow my dad to practice. I stuck to golf because at that time, I really wanted to beat my dad. It was also really fun when my dad would sign me up for competitions since I would get to play with other kids my age,” said Lam. 

Lam has played a major role in the Chargers’ golf team, as she has been a varsity player since her freshman year. Lam has been chosen to represent the Chargers in the Central Coast Section Championships (CCS) every year of her high school career and consistently leads the team to stay on top of league standings.

To Lam, golf is not just a sport. Golf has also helped her become more confident and collaborative as a student and an athlete. Lam’s interactions with her opponents during her matches have also contributed to her ability to communicate with her peers during school and have shaped her values of work and dedication.

“In golf, you play with a lot of other people and you are stuck with them on a golf course for four hours at a time, so you have to learn to interact with people that you have never seen before. The sport has also taught me how to collect myself when I am struggling during a match since golf can become really frustrating when you are not performing well,” said Lam.

Lam has already received offers from several smaller colleges and hopes to continue playing golf in the future.  Lam is an excellent student and maintains a high GPA. She works hard in school in hopes of getting into a top  academic college while still pursuing her passion for golf.

“A lot of the colleges that I want to go to have top golf programs, so I will try to reach out to those coaches to see if I can play.” said Lam.

Although she may have achieved her goal of besting her father, Lam’s future in golf extends far beyond familial competitions. Lam has  gotten the attention of college scouts, and she has nothing but an open field of opportunities ahead of her.