4K Dance shines bright on stage

Though it was just formed last year, 4K Dance Club has amassed over 30 members from all grades, performing at various events such as Christmas in the Park, school rallies and different cultural fairs. Sophomore Ellen Choi, the president of 4K Dance, created the club in order to combine her love for Korean culture and dance.

The members are called the “Blue Karats,” because they want to “shine” on stage. Their dances are based off those of many popular Korean pop (K-pop) groups such as TWICE, BLACKPINK and Red Velvet,. They also use performances created by choreographers from 1 MILLION Dance Studio—which is based in Seoul, South Korea—in order to prepare for their annual showcase. When performing, they wear their distinctive black baseball jerseys.

“Our club establishes a sense of community among peers with similar interests, promote school involvement as well as introduce a culture that might be unfamiliar to the rest of the school,” Choi said.

During their meetings, they practice their separate routines and after learning their parts, synchronize it in order to complete the full routine. Their dance style is predominantly hip hop, with a few elements from other genres of dance. Members can often be seen around the school practicing in small groups on all days of the week. The club’s success so far has not come easily; it has required a lot of practice and cooperation from all of the members.

   With last year’s “Rose Gold” season finished, the new season, called “Ocean Blue”, has been underway since September of this year. With many more performances to go, 4K Dance will continue to hold practices, perfect their routines, and express their love for K-pop.