Dance team puts on electrifying performances

Alongside every home football game, the school’s dance team prepares on the side for their performance in the halftime show. The Electrics Dance Team, formerly known as just the Dance Team, normally performs at events such as the school’s rallies, the Almaden Valley Art and Wine Festival, home football games and their annual Spring Showcase.

After their original team advisor Karen Hartmann, Science Department went on maternity leave, Elizabeth Taylor, English Department volunteered to be the new advisor. Taylor appreciates the team’s dedication and kindness as well as their love for dancing. Her current goal for the team is to support them as they enter their first competition in the spring.

“I love being on the dance team because the practices are so much fun. I also find it very rewarding that we get to show what we have been working on by having the opportunity to dance during football games and rallies,” Sophomore Emilija Ledakaite said.

Seniors Vivian Brown and Samantha Odom, captains of the team, choreograph the dances the team performs. They mainly focus on good formation and choreography based on visuals with tricks and technique. They practice these elements and also choose upbeat music to go along with their dances. To look more cohesive, there is a team lipstick color and everyone is now required to wear white Converse shoes for hip hop dances.

“Our favorite part this year so far with the dance team is all the feedback we have been receiving from the whole school, even from teachers and parents at football games. We have never gotten so much positive energy and love from everyone,” Brown said. 

The Electrics are also looking forward to their annual showcase. It happens at the end of the dance season, where members perform solos, duets or trios in different styles giving them the opportunity to show off their  dance skills with their own choreography.