Leftover scraps of food attract unwelcome guests

Although many teachers allow students to eat in class, many students do not clean up after themselves, leaving crumbs and scraps of food on the floor. Some classrooms also have desks with undercarriages, giving students the ability to keep food and distractions from being discovered by their teacher. The desk storage is usually unsanitary and may not always get checked by the teachers or janitors because it is hidden from their sight.
Unsanitary classrooms could result in unwelcome guests: many classrooms have previously had problems with rodents—notably in the C wing, where classrooms are secluded from the rest of the school.
“Two years ago, I remember eating lunch with one of my colleagues when a huge rat came into the classroom. That was one instance of a rat coming in when I was actually in my room, but I am sure there have been similar instances outside of school hours. I usually ask my students not to eat in class to prevent these rodents from coming,” Susanna Young, Math Department, said.
Eating in class can bring creatures to the school, but it can also potentially harm certain students. Some students have severe allergies and leftover food from a previous class can possibly endanger those who are allergic.
“When I see people eating nuts in class, it makes me worry about people who have severe allergic reactions and will immediately swell up if they touch something that has directly touched the peanut,” Senior Deven Sutaria said.