Students to blame for bathroom conditions

Bathroom cleanliness has constantly been a point of frustration for students at the school. From clogged toilets to the lack of soap dispensers, students often complain about recurrent issues in the school bathrooms. Despite custodians’ efforts to provide the school with clean facilities, students themselves continuously damage the bathrooms.
At the beginning of the day, the bathrooms in the K, H and D wings are clean and normally have sufficient supplies. Yet, as the day progresses, the conditions in the bathrooms grow increasingly worse.
“Damaged supplies are frequent occurrences. There is almost always at least one stall where either the soap container is shoved in the toilet, or the toilet is clogged with toilet paper,” Senior Anna Frias said.
Every day, before and after school, the custodians check and clean the bathrooms while also making sure other school facilities are clean. They are responsible for fixing the problems that students create.
“The money to replace these items come from the school budget, and the students should be responsible for their school’s cleanliness, something that impacts the entire student body,” Head Custodian Zerai Tesfai said.