Top 4: Insensitive comments from entertainers

4. Actress and feminist Lena Dunham made an offensive joke that although she had never received an abortion, she wished she had. She soon apologized for trivializing the termination of a pregnancy and reiterated her support for reproductive justice. 3. After Prince’s death from opioid overdose, singer Gene Simmons asserted that it was “pathetic that he killed himself.” He later apologized and said his aggressive behavior stemmed from history with loved ones who suffered from drug addiction. 2. Chris Hemsworth dressed up as a Native American for a New Year’s Eve costume party, engaging in culture appropriation. He later apologized … Continue reading Top 4: Insensitive comments from entertainers

Duoskin: a softwearable fashion

Initially, they seem to be typical temporary flash tattoos, a complete range of diverse designs, including some gold chevron arrows not unusual for temporary tattoos. Yet, as a finger swipes across the shiny tattoo on the hand, a cursor moves on a large screen, even though no hand or mouse is anywhere near it. A group of PhD students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, in collaboration with Microsoft Research, developed a temporary tattoo called DuoSkin. The technology, which will be presented at the 2016 International Symposium on Wearable Computers, uses a circuit designed from any graphic software, … Continue reading Duoskin: a softwearable fashion

New research suggests a potential cure for Alzheimer’s

Aducanumab, a drug developed by the biotechnology company, Biogen, has shown promise in improving treatment for Alzheimer’s patients. Alzheimer’s disease triggers the gradual death of brain cells and tissue, which disrupts the memory, language and reasoning of its victims. It affects over five million Americans, and is the third leading cause of death for elderly people in the U.S. The disease is not well-researched because some scientists fear the risks of investing in a cure. According to NewStateman, over 99 percent of developed drugs are abandoned after clinical trials. Researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine suggest that a … Continue reading New research suggests a potential cure for Alzheimer’s

The golden ticket to entertainment: Gene Wilder passes away at 83

The iconic actor and screenwriter Gene Wilder, who brought life to many characters in classics, like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory passed away on Aug. 29 from complications with Alzheimer’s disease. Gene Wilder was an accomplished actor during the 1970’s, known for playing eccentric characters in several movies. During his lifetime, Wilder was complimented for his respectful and professional presence on set and according to New York Times was nominated five times for his outstanding performances. Even as his success began to fade later in his career, he continued to direct successful films, leaving behind a legacy in the … Continue reading The golden ticket to entertainment: Gene Wilder passes away at 83