China and Europe: driving forward the change to electric vehicles

Transitioning from conventional gasoline vehicles, many automobile companies such as Tesla and BMW are developing new technologies in order to increase the appeal of electric cars by improving convenience and variety. On April 26, 2016, German Chancellor Angela Merkel established a deal with automakers in which the government spent $1.4 billion in order to increase […]

Pom-poms and pride: the cheer season comes to a close

The school’s cheer team approaches the end of their season, having recently competed in the intermediate division at the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) High School National Championships in Dallas, Texas. After receiving a bid to nationals at a home NCA camp over the summer, the cheerleaders traveled to Dallas for the two-day national competition from […]

Closer look: How do the parent clubs contribute to the school?

Every year, Parent Club raises money for academic enrichment programs, capital improvements and student equipment and supplies by fundraising through events including a donation drive and Dandiya Raas. Additionally, the club also manages Senior Awards Night and Graduation Night. Most of the money raised by the club is allocated towards purchasing better technology or materials […]

The Chargers’ comprehensive guide to the school’s new guidance staff

The Charger Account interviewed 9th Grade Counselor Jill Riebow and College Advisor Emily Strain. What are some things students can go to you for? Riebow: Being an academic counselor, mostly academically based things. Students can see us for grades, or if they are struggling in class. They can also see me for anything related to college, career readiness, […]

Four faces: Introducing the 50th anniversary administration team

Principal Brad Craycroft What are your responsibilities as the principal? Everything. I am in charge of whatever needs to be done with regards to students’ safety, making sure things are running smoothly and ensuring that classroom activities are effective. How did you know you wanted a career in education? I started thinking about being a teacher […]

Growing a new heart from stem cells

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have successfully developed bioengineered human heart tissue, opening up possibilities for future advancements in the stem cell research field. Stem cells are specialized cells that can self-renew and produce two identical cells from a parent cell. Embryonic stem (ES) cells are easily manipulated and can give rise to various […]