SVCTE: teaching technical skills

As a student with a strong interest in video production, Senior Aidan Bates struggled to find in-depth film courses at school that would prepare him to pursue his career. He turned to Silicon Valley Career Technical Education’s (SVCTE) Film and Video Production course to take advantage of the facilities’ equipment and teachers with video industry experience. “We have a Multimedia course, but the curriculum is not as [in depth] SVCTE, which teaches things like writing scripts in the professional environment. It is geared towards the industry I want to enter,” Bates said. Taught by industry professionals, SVCTE aims to provide … Continue reading SVCTE: teaching technical skills

Bridging high school and college

In her college years, Sophomore Prerna Agarwal would like to double major in political science and business. However, she often feels frustrated with the required courses at high school. “Since [high school] helps determine career paths, such a large amount of required courses without the opportunity to take other courses to explore our interests [is inconvenient],” Agarwal said. Such students can turn to San Jose Middle College (SJMC), a free program where upperclassmen take both high school and college classes on a community college campus, earning a high school diploma and transferable college credits. San Jose Unified School District students … Continue reading Bridging high school and college

Top 5 places to work at in the Bay Area

5. Blaze Pizza – This brand new pizzeria not only offers a nice dining experience for the customer, but also provides a variety of options and perks for their employees, making it a popular destination for students seeking a good work environment. 4. AMC Theaters – Discounted food, free movie tickets and flexible hours make working at this movie theater appealing for those seeking a part-time job. 3. Chipotle – For what many call a fast food restaurant, Chipotle offers some of the best perks, ranging from paid holidays to – you thought right – free burritos. 2. Sweet Rendezvous … Continue reading Top 5 places to work at in the Bay Area

Part-time jobs: a balancing act

With a constantly rising college tuition and an increasing burden on parents to help pay for their children’s education, job searching has become increasingly common for high school students. Especially for those preparing to attend college in the fall, an extra source of income can help cover at least part of hefty education costs. “I got my job because as a senior, I felt that I should start becoming responsible. In a year, I’ll be starting college, which means paying for a lot of expenses. I think having a job has taught me how to spend more responsibly,” Senior Andrea … Continue reading Part-time jobs: a balancing act

Quotebox: Should physical education be mandatory for four years?

“I do not think that physical education should be required because exercising should come out of a student’s own time, and it should not collide with academics.” – Sophomore Joshua Mao “Physical education should not be mandatory for four years, but it should be for two years because a lot of kids do not live healthy lifestyles. Physical education helps students live healthier lifestyles, and it prepares them for their future.” – Jake Shaugnessy , Physical Education Department “Last year, the San Jose Unified School District told the school that the average physical condition of the students at the school … Continue reading Quotebox: Should physical education be mandatory for four years?

At risk: the choice of vaccination

In 2014, a measles outbreak took over the world; the disease has since spread to more than 22,000 people worldwide. The World Health Organization was “taken aback” by the sudden outbreak which has invaded even the happiest of places: Disneyland. California now has around 59 confirmed cases resulting mostly from exposure at this amusement park. Most of the victims were unvaccinated and now are terribly sick. This outbreak, along with many others in the past, rekindled a debate on whether vaccinations should be made mandatory. Making vaccinations mandatory has been a highly contested topic for many years. Whether institutions have … Continue reading At risk: the choice of vaccination

In the campus kitchen: nutrition and taste of school food

While the mention of cafeteria food often brings to mind unhealthy, processed and pre-made school lunches, this stereotype may be losing its validity. Already, food at the school is less processed than it was a couple of years ago; however, it still has a long way to go. Every Tuesday, the school receives its food order from the company Sodexo. Cafeteria workers then prepare fresh ingredients every day, cooking much of the food themselves. Taco shells and pasta are usually made from scratch. All foods served at school must follow the State of California’s school nutrition standards in addition to … Continue reading In the campus kitchen: nutrition and taste of school food

New security measures aim to confront dangers at the school

Senior Kelly Huynh was returning to her car after Back to School Night when she noticed something strange: a long scratch on the side of her car, stretching from the back door toward the tail light. Her car had been keyed while she was gone, leaving her with the heavy cost of repainting and the risk of higher insurance prices if she reported the incident. Other students have also spotted instances of vandalism in the parking lot and have protested the apparent lack of action from the school. Senior Kellie Dubel reported driving past a car with one of its … Continue reading New security measures aim to confront dangers at the school