Racial equality throughout the years

Throughout the last fifty years, views on racial issues have evolved and racial equality has become a more preserved value in the country. In the 1960s, many began to challenge previously accepted ideas of institutional racism, as reflected in San Jose Unified School District’s (SJUSD) decision to integrate its schools. The Charger Account articles published […]

Quotebox: Looking at racial equality today, how far have we come, and how far do we have to go?

“Considering where we were before, we have come a long way. There has been some sign of regression, such as an upkick in anti semitic threats. The ultimate question, however, is whether we are more racist nowadays, or are more people more comfortable in showing their bigotry. Bigotry stems from ignorance, so in order to […]

Quotebox: Will you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

“I do not want to talk about it.”—Freshman Kendra Landi “I celebrate Valentine’s Day for the deals at Safeway on Valentine’s Day chocolate.”—Sophomore Tiffany Xiang “No I don’t celebrate the holiday, because it reminds me of how single I am.”—Sophomore Alicia Pak “Yes, I will celebrate this holiday, because I want to show love for my […]

Student interview: Kathy Ma

Senior Kathy Ma started her own at-home bakery in the fall of 2014. Kathy takes orders from her online menu as well as customized orders. She can be contacted through her websitewww.lpdelice.com . The Charger Account recently had the opportunity to speak with her about her passion. Q: What inspired you to open your bakery […]

A feast for the eyes

Although art is most commonly associated with paintings, sculptures, literature and music, food can also be considered a type of art. In fact, multiple different combinations of creativity and food produce results that can be easily called artistic. Chefs often present their food artistically to make it more aesthetically pleasing to customers. A study conducted […]

Top 4 ways to get involved

4. Science Club is an opportunity to get involved in the biomedical field at the school. Meetings are usually Wednesday at lunch in Alan Tan ’s, Science Department room. Through Science Club, students can enter Synopsys, a STEM competition. To prepare for the competition, students create an original experiment and a presentation displaying their discovered data. […]