Decoding Genetics: Discrimination on a molecular level

“We affirm that humans are born equal, that they are entitled to equality of opportunity, and that neither genetic constitution nor genetic knowledge should be used to limit that equality,” Nobel prize winner Sir John Sulston stated. Sultan is one of thousands who fight to prevent companies from considering the genetic predispositions of potential employees […]

90 percent of startups fail: what sets the successful ten percent apart

According to Forbes magazine, nine out of ten startups fail to succeed as business ventures. This poses a critical question toward the nature of successful startups: what differences determine whether a business will fall flat or develop into monopolies? Neil Patrick, co-founder of Crazy Egg, a web page monitoring site, firmly supports that the rapid […]

Silicon Valley and startups: the symbiosis of success

Since Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak developed the first personal computer in their garage, startup companies have proliferated in the Silicon Valley, which has become one of the most prominent starting grounds for potentially new, game-changing startups. Technology has consistently been an identifying factor of Silicon Valley—its economy revolves around products such as microcomputers, integrated […]

Is there a formula for happiness?

Energy, gravity, vibrating violin strings, happiness – though all these seem difficult to measure, formulas have been developed for each perhaps in an effort to better understand them. Indeed, people have long turned towards mathematical formulas to reduce the incomprehensible – how cats drink water, for example – into terms that are more easily understandable. The same […]

Why we love puppies

He leaves tracks of mud on the living room carpet, chews up the new pair of slippers and hogs your pillow — but life without his big eyes and curious nose seems unimaginable. Having a dog has been proven to make humans feel happier. Research from the University of Missouri-Columbia reveals that petting an animal signals the brain to create the hormomes oxytosin and […]

Shy, alone and happy

Everyone is different, especially when it comes to social interaction. Largely a phenomenon of life itself, from sign language in chimpanzees to waggle dancing in bees, organisms in general have found to depend on one another for survival. Humans, of course, are no exception, but when it comes to the blissful state of happiness – […]